Tuesday, December 22, 2015

DCarsonCPA PRTC Lines on Communications, Outreach and Awareness Cycles

DCarsonCPA PRTC Lines on Communications, Outreach and Awareness Cycles:

We work with deep lines on Cross Functional Global, National, Multi-State, State and Local Economic Research to connect the Macro to the Micro and the Micro to the Macro through Our unique Framework of Global Financial Decision Making Research.  Through Our Framework we have built on the foundation of 6 years deep research a very strong framework to place the value of message in context to who needs the message and where they are in the Economy and Financials. We have unique lines on Strategic and Operational support to business needs on Data, Communications and Financial lines for the varied needs on project service and there is ALWAYS some level of needs on Teamwork where Technology, Financials, Communications and the narrow and broad lines of Stakeholder needs meet on Teamwork so a line of support with communications brings strength to lean deployable action strategy for needs we meet. We see the lines as lean rapid action response to project needs for Boards, Directors, Senior Executives, Legal and Financial needs, Government needs in the Executive, Legislative or Judicial Branches as needed and open points on the lines for Community and Societal needs for Individuals and Families as the ultimate stakeholders in need of support for a more common return to each generation a little better off in the Economy and Financials.

DCarsonCPA PRTC Lines on Our Home Site

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Monday, December 21, 2015

DCarsonCPA on CFO / Advisory

DCarsonCPA CFO / Advisory support lines on project needs on Services and Applied Research (Full Economic, Legal,  Financial,  Technology, Industry and Cross Sector Societal Research:

CFO / Advisory Services


Financials and Core Financials

Taxation on Tax Services include Linkedin

Compliance and Regulatory lines include Linkedin

Project Management and Business Analysis incl Linkedin

IT Lines and Data Integrity and Risk + Cyber lines 


DCarsonCPA it's a new era with new tools and new technology substantially transforming the lines of every industry and cross sector in the Economy. We work with strong lines on Growth and Prudent Risk Management Research as the point constraints to the lines at every valid point where Macro and Micro Financials, Legal and Technology meet on teamwork to help on diverse needs in the Economy and Financials on Demand where we meet on Services and Applied Research. From DCarsonCPA.

DCarsonCPA PIRI Lines on Pensions, Insurance, Risk Management and Investment Management Round 360 lines

DCarsonCPA PIRI Lines on Pensions, Insurance, Risk Management and Investment Management Round 360 lines "

DCarsonCPA on support lines on Services and Applied Research for the Cross Sector needs in the Economy and Financials at www.dcarsoncpa.com

Sunday, December 20, 2015

DCarsonCPA on Accounting Policy

DCarsonCPA on Accounting Policy we work with broad lines on integrated Economic, Financial, Legal, Technology, Industry, Government, NGO, Non Profit, Community and cross sector Societal Research from the lines of Financials out to the Local, Regional, State, Multi-State, National and Global Policy points on the Economy and Financials as we evolve to connect Economic, Legal, Technology and Financial skills to help on the Economy.

There is an evident need to find ways to help on the Economy through a greater cross connection of Macro and Micro skills and until that happens we will all suffer quite a bit I am afraid through failed policies which tend to hurt rather than help the Economy.   So for the interest of a more common grounds on improvements we are working to help on the lines from DCarsonCPA.