Monday, January 4, 2016

DCarsonCPA on Audit Project Support needs Financials, Compliance, Risk Management and Controls (including IT Audit + Governance)

DCarsonCPA on Audit Project Support needs Financials, Compliance, Risk Management and Controls (including IT Audit + Governance):

Audit and Controls

Audit, Reviews and Compilations (PCAOB, SAAS, SSARs No. 21 eff 12/15/2015 in) cross sector Audit lines including Industry, NGO, Non Profit and Gov lines. Tax Audits under Our Tax Lines at on Taxes.

Compliance and Regulations

Risk Management

Internal Controls (See Audit + Controls) Our lines comprehensively Integrate Global and Domestic Audit Research for the needs on Governance, Controls, Risk Management and more in the Economy and Financials from Policy to Execution and more on the project support lines at our skills on cross functional services and applied research are strategic and operational assets to performance needs on Profitability, Expense Management, Risk Management, Teamwork and People Power Potential in the Economy and Financials to leverage new pathways on knowledge for growth and improvements. While the Audit lines are geared for Independent Checks and Balance it's a significant misnomer and poor line of information for Entities that back office lines carry little value for growth Au Contrare they are the CNS and Data lines of Entities and a Powerful Growth and Risk Management Engine in compliment to Data and Communications lines where connected to strong lines of cross functional skills specifically the lines we have built to help on the cross sector needs for Growth and Improvement from . It's a new time, with new challenges in the Economy and Financials and the Financials provide the Strategic and Operational pathways from which to help on Growth and Improvements. We Focus on the Comprehensive lines of Value at work for the elevated AND scoped in lines of value at work in the Economy and Financials. Audit, Controls, Risk Management and Governance are key support lines for Cross Sector Entity and Societal Value in the Economy and Financials where Our Skills can help on Project Management, Financial Analysis and more permanent needs in the Economy and Financials. Read on for more on the lines below..... 

 DCarsonCPA on Knowledge Strategy (Entity to Economy and Economy to Entity Lines - E2E^2)

 DCarsonCPA Global on Research

 DCarsonCPA PIRI Lines - Pensions, Insurance, Risk Management and Investment Cycles - SEC ACT 40s lines

 DCarsonCPA MFC Lines on Lean Project, Process and Advisory

Boards, Directors and Corporate Governance

Global and Domestic Economic Research

Risk Management

Risk + Cyber

IT Governance, Controls, Communications, Financials, IT Audit and Data Integrity

more from DCarsonCPA by LOBs on the Economy and Financials where the cross skills meet to help on key challenges from the CFO, CCO, COO, Board, Director, CEO, Management and Staff Development lines on Project Consulting and more Dedicated Workflows.

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